The Genesis of Greg Benson


Hello, internet person. Here’s an album I’ve been working on for several years. My buddy Dave loves the band Genesis, but he owns everything by them. So I began¬†recording brand new songs using the titles of Genesis songs and give them to him as birthday and Christmas presents. These are not cover versions, but entirely new songs (and occasional sketches) with ridiculous lyrics. This was never intended for public release, but I’ve had several friends urge me to make this stuff available, so here it is! Of the 60+ songs I’ve recorded for Dave, here are my favorite 38, plus two brand new comedy sketches featuring Kim Evey & Miles Grose for your listening pleasure. That’s 40 Tracks Of Goodness! I hope that you like it. And I hope that you like it.


Quick Streaming Preview of a few of the songs:

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Full Track List:

  1. The Big Pitch
  2. Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
  3. The Cinema Show
  4. Wot Gorilla
  5. Pigeons [explicit]
  6. More Fool Me
  7. In Hiding
  8. Anyway
  9. Time Table
  10.  Visions of Angels
  11. The Conqueror
  12. Harold The Barrel
  13. In the Cage
  14. A Place To Call My Own
  15. The Musical Box
  16. For Absent Friends
  17. Inside and Out (featuring Paul and Storm)
  18. Seven Stones
  19. I Know What I Like
  20. One For the Vine
  21. Stagnation
  22. The Serpent
  23. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
  24. The Lamia [explicit]
  25. Riding the Scree
  26. Looking For Someone
  27. Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
  28. In The Wilderness
  29. Squonk
  30. Dusk
  31. Hairless Heart
  32. Fireside Song
  33. Supper’s Ready
  34. Back in N.Y.C. [explicit]
  35. Ripples
  36. Window [explicit]
  37. Afterglow
  38. The Fountain Of Salmacis
  39. Unquiet Slumbers-In That Quiet Earth
  40. The Big Ending